Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Curious Questions

I just got back from a fun filled afternoon of x-rays, poking and prodding at the doctor's. I didn't quite get as definitive of answers as I would have liked, but at least I know what it's not. I guess that's good right?

Over the course of my outing, I found myself wondering about a few things just for the entertainment value.

Life is full of many mysteries, and these are a couple I contemplated:

Why do they ask you "How are you today?" when you go into the doctors office? Isn't that a little redundant...if you were fine you wouldn't be there.

As I left the building I found myself wondering why it is that no matter where I park, there are always minivans and SUV's on either side of my little car when I am ready to leave...making it impossible to see if anyone is coming? Do they train drivers of big obnoxious vehicles to do that at the dealership when they buy them?

On my way home I grabbed a burger and a salad, which led me to wonder why is it that many vegetarians won't eat meat because it comes from an animal which is alive, but yet they have no qualms about eating plants which are also alive and have been proven to feel a certain amount of pain as well when they are harvested? Plants also have a certain amount of cognition. In fact there was once a case where a plant solved a murder by hooking it up to a lie detector. (Yes really, if you don't believe me...I am sure you can find it on Google.)

I have a great many other things I find puzzling and wonder about, but those are the ones that came up today. On that note I am going to go ice my shoulder.

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ginger@bearbits said...

Hi Kelly - You pose some interesting questions, but I really identify with the one about the doctor's office. I don't know what else they can say, but every time I get that same question too. And that same thought always crosses my mind - If I were fine, would I be here? Ha ha!

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