Monday, January 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

I know I haven't written a whole lot lately. I am finally over the flu so I have been playing catch up. I have been working very hard to get the house put back in order after the holidays and I have a long way to go. I managed to make a bear today too. She isn't costumed yet so I don't have pics.

She turned out really pretty. I had a piece of mohair that was sent by mistake, and wasn't what I ordered. I kept it anyway, but I never really liked the color. So once she was done I changed her color. It turned out exactly the shade I wanted too. I love it when that happens. But then again, I have always had an odd ability to mix exactly the shade I want every time on the first try. I guess we all have our little quirky talents and that's one of mine.

I have a vision of how I want her dressed her, but that doesn't always turn out the way I want every time, so we will see what happens. I should have pics of her ready either today or tomorrow. I have a lot of errands to run if it isn't too cold and snowy today.

I have been really thinking about a lot of things lately too. Some serious, some not. One of the things I was thinking about was Etsy. While they are pretty happy to work with people on problem issues in your personal shop, they are not willing to work too hard at what people seem to want as a mass majority. I haven't really seen much effort on their part to provide proper venues for promotion. I touched on this issue a while back in my very long post about my journey with them. It occurred to me that I don't have a whole lot of respect for the site as a whole. While I am still not going to close my shop...I haven't put any effort into promoting my shop on there, nor have I been renewing anything lately.

I much prefer Bearpile, Lollishops and of course my main focus is my own website. It's gotten a lot of interest this week and that makes me very happy. I worked extremely hard on the new graphics and I can't wait until I complete it by taking new pics with the camera I got for Christmas. That should all be done later this week.

I love January because I don't really care much for it. I know that probably doesn't make any sense, but since there is no holidays and nothing to distract me, it always opens up new possibilities.

I have also figured out what I want to do with this house. When we lived in an apartment I used to dream of what I wanted to do decorating wise, but when we moved into this house nine years ago I couldn't do much. I think it's because I had SO many ideas for so long that when it came to choosing one I couldn't pick. We have done a few things, including wallpapering and carpeting the guest room, the incredibly time consuming fresco painting I did in the work room, my shower, the lower foyer floor and the upstairs bathroom and kitchen floors. But I never got any farther because I couldn't settle on one thing. In the past couple weeks I have had visions of what I want it all to look like, and I think it's going to be spectacular. Now I just have to wait til spring to paint so I can open the windows. That's the price of asthma.

Anyway I guess I should go to bed because I am kind of rambling. I didn't have a lot to write about, but felt like I should. I hope everyone had a great new years and will continue reading. Even professional writers fall into slumps sometimes, so I guess it's no surprise that a non professional would too. I am sure I will have more to write about soon!

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