Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

So here we are on Inauguration Day. There isn't much else on TV and the whole world seems tuned in...but I am not. I choose to not watch these events. I suppose you could say I am missing history, but I don't really care. I think that the amount of money spent on these each time is obscene. A lot of tax payers dollars go into paying for that, from many tax payers that can barely make ends meet, let alone have a party. I can think of a thousand ways this money could be put to better use. There are countless homeless people in this country who could be fed or shelters built with that money, there is always much needed funding for AIDS, cancer and other disease research, it could be spent in schools or animal shelters just to name a few. I am just a bear artist and I manage to do plenty for these things. If I were President I would have a simple swearing in ceremony and put that money that would have gone to a big party, increased security and a show for foreign dignitaries and movie stars to better use, proving that I do in fact care about this country and the people who live in it right from the get go. But I am not President and nobody asked my opinion about it. In fact none of us get asked our opinion about it. In a country that is clamoring for change, that would have been my first change!

This time we are getting President Obama. I have seen people of every race celebrating the fact that we have our first "African-American" President. I don't get that either to be honest. It seems to me if we want racism to become extinct we need to stop making a distinction. We don't make any other distinctions like that. If you choose not to like someone for ANY superficial reason and not what is inside that person you are missing out on some amazing and wonderful people.

Have you ever heard phrases like the first "Irish-American" President or the first "Italian-American" President? Wouldn't that seem a little silly? From my perspective I don't really care what race or gender the President is as long as they are the right person for the job. To be honest I am not convinced either candidate we had this time was the right person. I sincerely hope President Obama proves me wrong. So today I will sit here watching movies and reflecting on the fact that we have a new President. Not black, not white, not male, not female...just new. I will pray that he makes it safely through today and that he turns out to be a great leader for all of us...of every race, religion, persuasion or gender..for the UNITED States of America.


Reny said...

Great post! I agree wholeheartedly.

Marie said...

Very good post and very thought invoking. I agree with you completely on all points, especially the point made on the nationality/colour/gender.

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