Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bleu Cheese And Green Beans

I went out to lunch yesterday with a friend I hadn't seen in years. We had a lovely time despite a completely flaky waitress. She was so bad it got to the point of comical. When I ordered, I ordered something that was supposed to have bleu cheese and parmesan on it. Along with the many other mistakes she made, after two tries I managed to get what I ordered, sans bleu cheese. I gave up at that point and just ate it. My friend commented that she didn't like bleu cheese. Until recently, neither did I. In fact I wouldn't even go near the stuff. When I was a little kid I loved green beans. In my adulthood I cannot stand to even look at them. I like most veggies, with the exception of those and brussel sprouts. *Shudders* Those I never liked.

All this made me think about how our some of our tastes change as we progress through life. Lately I have been wanting to design a new bigger bear pattern. I worked for years to make that traditional bear that I felt was just the right look and shape to suit me. It's what I liked. But I have been thinking I want to do something a bit more on the cute side for a while now. I haven't sat down to do it yet. Aside from being insanely busy, I was afraid maybe some outside source was unconsciously influencing my decision.

After lunch yesterday, I don't think so. My tastes have probably just changed. As artists if we don't grow and change things up a bit once in a while we become bored and stagnate. I will continue to love those traditional bears with their long snouts, limbs and small eyes...and I am sure I will make more of them. But I don't think there is anything wrong with adding a new type of bear into the mix.

I have enough insanity in getting things done to last me through the weekend. But next week I am going to take some time to sit down quietly and work on the new bear. Stay tuned for the results!

(The pic above was taken long ago with a webcam, so the quality is pretty poor, but I just loved those four bears! They are Picasso, Paris, Tweed and Edgewater!)


sleepingpoet said...

It is funny how our tastes change! There are so many things I absolutely refused to eat as a child, but now I have the most eclectic taste in food! Duck pate, raw fish (sushi), pickled anything...

julietk said...

It's funny how our tastes keep changing. I used to hate Pink now I seem drawn towards it. Maybe it's the ageing of the eyes, apparently we see more blues in things as we get older, which makes pink less pink and more Fushia that has done it. Maybe I'm more at home with my femininity now, I was a tomboy till at least 30 :D

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