Friday, December 12, 2008

The Weirdness Of Screaming

I never sleep with my husband, but yet I never sleep alone. Now before you cover your eyes in shock, I am not talking about my romantic life. That is not for public consumption. No...I am talking about actual sleep.

I think not sleeping with him is one of the things that keeps our marriage working. The man can make more noises than are found in nature. I don't know how he does it. He is very tall, and despite having a king size bed he also thinks he should have it all. If I sleep with him at the same time he has been known to hit, kick and thrash about doing bodily harm. I know he doesn't mean to, but between that and the noises, for my own well being I go to bed when he gets up to go to work. It works out well because he is a day person and I am a night person.

When I go to bed, the dogs go to their respective places to sleep because they aren't allowed to get on the furniture. The cats are however, so they all pile into bed with me. Basil sleeps on the other pillow, Rizzo at the foot of the bed, and Gypsy who has a serious attachment to me, has to sleep really close to me. She is a comical, laid back type of cat, but she really loves me and wants to be near me most of the time.

The other morning she decided to try something new and crawl under the covers. She draped herself across my waist and as I was about to doze off she decided it would be a really good idea to put her frigid nose in my armpit. I let out a scream because I was startled.

I am not much of a screamer, but that nose was COLD! It woke me right up. As I was laying there (without the cat, because she got tossed to the floor) I was thinking about how odd it is that we scream when we are startled or frightened. Every other reactive noise we make makes sense. But why do we scream? If we are in a situation where we are being threatened and feel fear, wouldn't it make more sense to be very quiet so that whatever is threatening us doesn't find us?

Animals have a flight or fight reflex when they are threatened or scared. So why do humans scream? I fell asleep finally before I figured it out. My funny, weird girl crawled back on the bed and stayed out from under the covers. Good choice on her part...hey maybe screaming does work?


My Inspired Reality said...

Ha, ha, fun post. I could picture you in bed with the dogs and cat:):)

Bev said...

Kelly, part of what you describe as your hubsand's "sleeping" sounds a lot like the symptoms of sleep apnea --- and if so, it could seriously impact his health (and his life span) You might want to ask his doctor about having him tested!

Kelly said...

He doesn't stop breathing. He just keeps everything bottled up from work so I think it's his way of working out his agressions.

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