Thursday, December 4, 2008

Is It Really So Bad?

I figure this week is a wash as far as lighthearted posts go, so I am going to give in to the urge to make one more serious topic. I have been following a new blog from someone I met on Twitter. The blog is called Maria Write Now. Even though Maria and I have only exchanged a few words through Twitter, I have decided I really like her. She made a new post today about a desire to be a writer. I think she has what it takes, and I will be buying her first novel! But reading her post brought forth a secret desire I have always had. I think she has a far better chance than I do, because she is more articulate, eloquent and adheres to the rules of English better than I do. Lets face it, I make the longest run on sentences ever. Not to mention my thoughts are all over the place.

The past two days I had a friend visiting, she told me I am one of the smartest people she knows and that I should be a writer because I associate things that most people wouldn't. People keep telling me this, but I will leave the writing to Maria. I don't think I am that smart because I don't understand the things people do at all.

My friend and I went to the mall yesterday to get Christmas cards. I am really behind this year. Normally I have my cards addressed and my shopping done by the middle of November at the very latest.

I have always enjoyed Christmas shopping. I take delight in going out to really find something that I think the recipient would love. Then I bring it home and wrap it up into something that even Martha Stewart would probably be proud of. But this year everyone I know wants gift certificates. Seriously gift certificates...not because they don't like what I have bought them in the past, but because it's easier!

Why is easier good? A present is something that someone makes an effort on your behalf for. That is part of the gift! The fact that someone took time out of their life to put forth thought and effort for YOU. That is the part that makes me happy to go out and Christmas shop.

So I haven't been terribly inspired to go out and buy gift certificates. When we got to the mall, there were no carols playing in the shops, very few decorations and no joy in the air. I had a hard time finding cards that said Merry Christmas on them. Most of them had sentiments like Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings. *Frowns*

When I paid for my cards at the Hallmark store I was chatting with the girl at the counter. When I was done she thanked me for not being nasty to her. I just stood and stared with my mouth agape. I asked her if this was something she had to contend with a lot. She looked kind of mournful and said yeah everyone was in a bad mood this year.

I realize that we can't be overly Christmasy, or even say Merry Christmas anymore, or hang lights or decorations because we might offend someone. Now take two seconds and think about that. Lights and decorations and songs offend people. I find this really puzzling. How is it that something someone else takes part in offends us if it doesn't include us?

There are lots of holidays and celebrations that don't pertain to me, but I don't get offended because other people celebrate them. I don't think anyone should change the name or any aspect of anything they believe in because it doesn't suit me. How did we get to this place of being offended because we can't be or choose not to be included??? It reminds me of a child throwing a fit because they can't play with another child's toy. When you think about it that would be as silly as me getting offended over Mother's Day because I was never able to have children.

The fallout of all this is that people are not filled with joy anymore at Christmas. No one will let them be. You can feel it like a palpable thing hanging in the air. All this political correctness to spare people's feelings and easier living is also killing their feelings to the point of mental numbness. The more careful we are of people's feelings the more miserable EVERYONE involved is. No wonder people are crabby, that would make me crabby too.

Now over the course of this blog, if you have been keeping up you know that I am Lutheran. You also know I am not prejudice against anyone elses beliefs because I think when it comes right down to brass tacks it's more or less all the same and people have the right to believe anything they want as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else. I have had Wiccans say "blessed be" to me on many occasions, I also have been wished a Happy Hanukkah before, and various other types of wishes for wellness or holidays. I wasn't offended, I took it in the spirit they intended a kind gesture to me. So what if I am not Wiccan or Jewish or Buddhist. Should that negate the sentiment? Does that mean that the person had ill intent or that I should feel offended? Of course not! How on earth did we get to this point?

Maybe we all need a little Christmas right this very minute! The next time someone who has a different belief set than you do wishes you something, just say thank you! It might make you feel as good as they do! So all I have to say is Merry Christmas to all, and to all...a good night!


Lucinda said...

I agree on so many of the points you raised. I am the only Pagan in my family and I love to celebrate Christmas with them. I always looked at it as being more about family than about religious beliefs and it never occured to me to sit in a corner and be offended by it!

Kelly said...

That's such a great attitude Angel! *hugs* There is room in the world for everyone, and everything they believe.

maria i lavis said...

Wow Kelly! Thank-you so much! But considering I haven't been able to finish any of my projects so far, I wouldn't just leave the writing to me. ;) If you feel you have something to say, say it (as you do!).

I have random scattered weird thoughts too, and it's kind of like herding cats to get them to harmonize, but I think it's something anyone can get with some diligence to get training and practice. :) And I'm still constantly trying to herd my own anarchic bunch...

About Christmas, don't be afraid to be fearlessly joyful (unless they have a gun or a broken off beer bottle). Anyone, no matter what background, who frowns on people celebrating is a plain old scrooge. The backgroud message of every religion is to be good to each other and bring one another joy, but for some odd reason that is so so so easy for people to forget. Thanks for the reminder.

littletricia said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog. Beautiful page by the way. Your comments on the holidays was right on! We should just all be kinder to one another. In the name of political correctness we have created a monster!

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