Monday, December 22, 2008

Under The Quilt

Since I decided to take it easy a few days ago, I have gone to Denver, done a bunch of house work and went out twice today to brave the crowds. My husband didn't seem to think this was "taking it easy" so he made me call the doctor. I guess he was right, I was getting worse instead of better. I have also been remanded to the chair with a quilt. Sigh~

The good news is I now have antibiotics and am (trying) to behave myself tonight and do nothing. It's not easy to do nothing...especially when you have so much to do! I am laying in the chair under a quilt with a cat, a dog, a pile of magazines, the remote and my laptop. I suppose now...I am taking it easy!

I hope I kick this thing by Christmas. Especially because my husband makes a prime rib every year and I look forward to it because it's so amazingly good! I remember two years ago I ate it then went to the emergency room. It resulted in emergency surgery, but at least I enjoyed the prime rib first!

I still have presents to wrap and things to clean...and I want to make a new bear pattern...and...and...and...oh well, at least for now I am sitting still...


Nascarnana said...

I hope you feel better soon. Take it easy is so hard to follow. Have a Merry Christmas!

Bev said...

sorry you've had such a rough go with this

hope the drugs help you feel better fast!

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