Saturday, December 6, 2008


I really enjoy watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show they have every year. Not only do I like pretty lingerie but I also like the show for the creative inspiration aspect. Now I know what you're can a teddy bear artist gather inspiration from lingerie? Well you can, anytime you have a mix of textures, colors, fabrics and amazing accessories like the woodland angel wings this year you can definitely draw inspiration from that.

I will admit I wasn't as impressed this year as I have been in the past with the wings and the outfits. But the thing I notice most every year is that the models get thinner. I know that thin is in, thin is supposed to be sexy...but I just wasn't seeing it. Some of these girls this year were so thin, they detracted from the lingerie. You have to have hips and curves and a little meat on your bones to fill out what you're wearing even if it's just lingerie! I have to wonder if this trend towards thinner and thinner and thinner continues if we will just be seeing the clothes go down the runway on skeletons purchased from a morgue in a few years?

I know everyone's definition of sexy is take a look at picture of the models and you decide if you think the girls above has the healthy vivaciousness that they should! Is that really sexy?

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Bev said...

As the mother of a daughter, this whole "thinner is better" was a battle to be fought during her teenage years. Fortunately, we won it, and she is a healthy beautiful woman today.

I can't for the life of me figure out why any man would want to snuggle up to these "bag of bones" girls

guess I'm just in the wrong century -- too Rubenesque!

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