Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ad Frustrations

I am the sort of person who likes things to be perfect. I know they can't be, but I can't help who I am either.

So last night I got the new issue of Teddy Bear & Friends. I had done my second ad in it for the year. Now when I did the first ad I was working on an old computer. The ad didn't look as good as I had hoped, but it was ok.

After that ad I got a beautiful new computer. Now I knew the monitor displayed things brighter and lighter. But I guess I didn't realize exactly how much. This second ad looked good on my monitor. The colors were good. Sadly when the magazine arrived I was horrified to discover the bear is so dark you can barely tell what it is. The writing blends in. It was extremely frustrating and disheartening. Especially since ads don't come exactly cheap.

I guess I will give the next issue another shot, I hope this next ad comes out much better than this one did. R said I am my own worst critic, and while he may be right...when something is just plain bad, it is. Sigh~


Dawn said...
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Heather said...

I haven't seen the ad yet, but I just wanted to say, don't feel too bad... all printers give you variations in color results... and since you can't exactly get a proof when submitting to a magazine... sometimes it's just trial and error!

Dawn said...

Oops I hit the wrong button and accidentally deleted the first comment. I wanted to clarfy though because I did not realize that the pic shown wasn't your actual ad. You would think TB&F would proofread and look over all ad copy and let you know if there was a problem. That's their job! Sorry you weren't pleased with it and maybe next time you can ask them to make sure it will print nicely. You may even be able to get another ad for free since this one was unsatisfactory. I'm sure they would rather give one free ad and keep you a happy customer so you will continue to advertise with them.

julietk said...

Don't be too hasty to condemn it. It looks ok on my screen hopefully it looks as good in the mag, and I am sure you have learned a thing or two from it.
:-) Juliet

Kelly said...

This is the actual proof I sent in, (with the exception I removed my phone number from it since I put it on my blog) it does look fine on the screen. It's extremely dark in the magazine.

Heather said...

Yeah, you can never trust what the screen shows you when it comes to printing results.

The best thing you can do is make sure you have your document set up the way they want it (rgb or cmyk, right dpi, format, etc) and then print it out at home to see what it prints like.

I'm a Graphic Designer by trade, and, really, every printer is different, but at least (usually) consistent in their print quality and tone... so once you get your ad set up the way you like... it should be a snap keeping it looking good :)

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