Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day

Today was the 4th of July. Somehow it didn't feel like it. It has rained for so many weeks it doesn't even feel like summer to be honest with you. R went out and barbecued chicken, but without sun and getting to eat it outside it didn't seem right somehow. Also there were no fireworks this year. Aside from the rain, the city couldn't afford to put them on so we didn't have our usual display.

I realize it's expensive and the money is probably being put to better use, but it made me feel a little sad. This is the first year I have ever spent without fire works. See the truth is I really like the 4th of July. I truly believe our independence is something to be celebrated.

Anyone who knows me in real life might find that a little surprising. I am not terribly fond of our government and I think there is vast room for improvement, and the law is often used for nefarious purposes instead of how it was meant to be used. However I am proud of our country and the people who live in it.

I know that Americans are looked down on in many countries. We have plenty of flaws, but who doesn't? However we still have an innate sense of goodness I think. We have a never say die attitude and we help many of our neighbors. No system is perfect, but I for proud to be an American! We enjoy many freedoms and liberties others don't, and I think that makes us lucky.

So all I have to say is happy 4th of July everyone! God bless America!


Temiru said...

Very sadly that you did not have fireworks :(
After all it is really important holiday for your country. And as though did not concern Americans in other countries, many my acquaintances in Russia respect you that you are proud of the country! And the people and the government is absolutely different:)
With delay I congratulate you on your day of independence!

Kelly said...

Thank you Temiru! I think we should all be proud of where we are from, and who we are.

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