Friday, July 24, 2009

The Birthday Curse

So here it is, my birthday. I have notoriously bad birthdays. I am not sure why, but they are always bad.

When R announced yesterday he was going to have to work late today, I thought this one was shaping up true to form. He later said he would "try" to not have to be late. But I know how it goes. I have no plans and nothing to do really. I received one card from my mother, with a check inside which was very nice of her, and that's it so far. I know I am not getting a present from R, which is fine because I got it months ago and am typing on it. So there won't be any pretty paper with bows to rip open.

With the onset of midnight I sat here moping a bit. I am not really thrilled about this birthday anyway, it makes me feel old. Maybe it's because at 46 I have crossed to the downhill side towards 50. I am not sure. I don't feel 46...but then what is it supposed to feel like?

Starting at a young age and going on for many...many...probably too many years, I waited every July 24th for something magical and unexpected to happen that would make me feel really special. I am not sure where I got the idea something magical and unexpected should happen. I just always thought it should, after all your birthday is special right? I have always tried to make sure everyone in my world had a special and magical birthday even though they don't really seem to care about it. I did have a birthday party when I was 10 and a few lunches with friends since then. Of course R usually takes me out to dinner. Although this year we agreed not to because my stomach has been upset with this thing I am fighting.

After many years of that day passing calmly and unassumingly - or disastrously on some years, into the mists of history I realized it wasn't going to happen. So as I was sitting here moping, I got to thinking...perhaps I just have to make my own magic! I started with a wish. Now I don't have a pocket full of fairy dust, but I do have a case full of glitter so I dipped in a finger or two, blew it off and made a wish. In case you're curious what the picture is above, that was it. (I can't tell you what it was, sorry. We want it to come true after all, right?)

I am not sure what today will bring, but I am confident that if I keep the wish in my heart all day and believe it will happen...just maybe it might. Maybe this will be the year that will finally break the birthday curse!


customteddys said...

Kelly, here's sending some magic fairy dust your way. I am also a July baby, and I am closer to 60 than 50..ha. Many magic thoughts coming your way.. Vicki

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Sending you an email...happy birthday! ; )

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! We have never really bothered with birthdays but after being really spoilt last year for my 40th we do try a bit harder now. Looking good for 46! Have a lovely weekend. x

Unknown said...

a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU Kelly!!! Wish I were 46 again - Will become a senior in 2 months. I think many of us have to make our own magic:)

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