Friday, February 20, 2009

~*~ The Fabulous Miss Funella ~*~

Here she is in all her bright finery, dreaming of bygone days when she was a performer on the Boardwalk. Miss Funella can be found on the bears page of my website if you would like to see more pics of her:


Amanda said...

Miss Funella is lovely, she looks like she has had a racey past!

Temiru said...

Miss Funella very nice bear! She has a very interesting and stylish jewelry! Very nice!!!

Sharie Reetz said...

She is sooo pretty!Love the coloring(I also love your bunny and the black bear too!)HugsxxxSharie

Haute Country Vintage Co. said...

Ooooh she's pretty! Luv her headband :) P.S. i tagged you

Kelly said...

Thank you all very much. Photographing her was hard. Her colors are so amazing in real life. It's colors I wouldn't normally have put together but I was in a circus/carnival frame of mind! =)

I will do the tag shortly!

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