Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twitter And Blog Followers, And Givaways

I noticed Monday that I lost two followers right after gaining two. I also noticed that several other bloggers commented in their blogs about the same thing happening. Apparently our followers aren't dropping like flies case you aren't aware of this, there is some type of glitch they are trying to fix that is causing people to be private that were previously public. So if you have noticed a drop in your followers...that could be why. I don't know if that's what happened to mine or not. I pruned my blog list that I follow the other day to remove people who haven't posted in months or their blog is gone all together and I think I accidentally removed a couple I hadn't meant to. So if I removed you from my list, don't take it personally. I did it really late at night. I try to follow everyone in return who follows me.

I do the same thing with Twitter. But I do actively remove people who only post links and don't ever just talk. Twitter is sort of odd to me. I have 230 followers. Out of those people I think I have initiated following 3. The rest followed me first...but yet lately when I log in and say hello I don't get a single response anymore. It's very weird. Why did these people choose to follow me if they aren't interested in responding to me at all? Did they just do it because they thought I might be a potential customer? I would hope not because I can almost assure you I won't buy from them if they can't even say hello in response. I have initiated many of the blogs I follow because I find what they write interesting. The few people I chose to follow on Twitter were for the same reason. I never know exactly how to find people to follow on Twitter, so I guess that's why I don't really initiate it.

Recently I won a blog give away. When it arrives I will show you what I won and link you to the blog I won it from. I was pretty excited about it. I haven't won anything in many years. So I thought it would be nice to do the same so that someone else can have that feeling. Unfortunately I can't really afford to give away a whole bear. I made a mohair order last week and about croaked when I saw how expensive it had gotten. It was never inexpensive to begin with. I had several tubs full and I haven't had to order any in a couple years. But I did have an idea for a nifty little thing, and if it works out I am going to give one away. So be sure and watch for that!

Also I updated my other blog with a new pic if anyone is interested in taking a peek at that.

Cirque de Lune


Sandy said...

I have noticed my follower number fluctuating too. I think it is normal. Folks are going to come and go.

I don't always leave a comment when I read a blog. I usually only do if something tickles my fancy, or I have something constructive to add. Other wise I move on. I am just enjoying seeing what others post.

Kelly said...

Oh I don't expect people to always comment on my blog...I just find it odd when they don't say hi or anything when I say hello on Twitter.

Amanda said...

I'd never even heard of Twitter until it was in the UK press about Stephen Fry (actor) being stuck in a lift and twittering. I really got Blogging before just before Christmas, it takes up time, but I love it. But then I am on here now, because I've got loads of paperwork to do and would rather see what you are all up to! Not even sure about the manners and protocol of it all but hey its polite to say hello!

swanriverstone said...

Hey Kelly, i am glad you are sill following me. Thank you.

I love the honesty in your blog..keep up the good work;-)


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