Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

Since my past three posts have been pretty serious and about business I thought it was time for something a little more on the light hearted side!

If you haven't seen the movie, it's about the trials and tribulations of four teenage girls who work through their issues and share a magical pair of jeans while on summer vacation. The most magical thing about these pants is that they fit all four girls perfectly despite differences in size, height and body shape.

I wish I could find a pair of those pants because I belong to a different sisterhood of traveling pants. Most of mine travel south with any type of activity. (It's ok to laugh because it's caused a few comical and embarrassing moments that were pretty darn funny in retrospect!) Just today I had to grab my waistband to keep my pants from falling down in 7-11...again! Yes it's true, my pants fell off in 7-11 once. I have quite a few pairs of pants most of which don't fit me properly. If they fit my waist they are too tight in the hips, if they fit my hips they slide right off of my waist.

I blame Kate Moss for this. Ever since she sashayed onto the scene with her overly thin surfboard figure, women have been striving to be built like 14 year old boys. Models and movie stars have become overly thin and devoid of definition between their waist and hips. Naturally since these are the people who have a symbiotic relationship between designers and set the trends in fashion all pants have been cut from the same cloth so to speak.

I am a curvy girl, I have a big chest, round hips and a proportionally smaller waist. I am not a size two and I don't want to be. Really! I am not just saying that because I have no hope of achieving it. I am proud that I come from a long line of Celtic women who aren't surfboards. That's not to say I couldn't stand to lose some weight. Regardless how much weight I gain or lose my proportions never change.

Designers create their sample fashions in a size 0, when it trickles down into pret a porte' they enlarge the pattern to fit more sizes. But they don't really alter it in any way. So in essence whatever size you get, it is still engineered towards that ultra thin, stick straight surfboard body.

Magazines always urge you to get your clothes tailored. Well that would be great but quite honestly I am a starving artist and I can't afford to do that. Ok well maybe I am not starving...if I were my pants would probably fit! I suppose you might think since I sew I could alter them myself. No. Like a reverse vegan of the sewing world, I only sew things with a face. If it hadn't been for an extra credit project in home ec where I made a stuffed elephant I probably would have gotten a really low grade. I don't like to sew clothes and I am not good at it.

So I wander through life holding onto my waistband, dreaming of the days when those beautiful healthy looking models of the 80's were the fashion and waiting for the trends to change back to where women are curvy and proud of it.


Amanda said...

I loved the starving artist bit, it made me laugh. I've been very large, over 200lbs, but am a comfortable 144lbs now. I would not like to be any slimmer, it would look awful. I know the jeans slipping down bit, hitching them up, having the muffin top. Its just your curves trying to escape and wanting to show off!

Kelly said...

Unless they have elastic in the waist, they seem to be cut really straight now and don't taper in at the waist. I have a couple pair from Ralph Lauren that fit real well, but for the most part I have a heck of a time.

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