Monday, February 23, 2009


I think nearly all of us aspire to be good people. I also think most of us do a fairly good job, but we fail sometimes. I know I do. But I keep trying.

Have you ever met someone that does manage to be a good person all the time? I mean all the way through to their soul, not one of those people who just puts on a good show. The type of person we all aspire to be?

I am lucky enough to know one of those people. His name is Jim. He is my step Dad. Jim has to be the very best person I have ever met. He is kind, he has compassion for everyone, he has a faith that is bottomless. I have never seen him complain, get mad or falter. I am sure he has at some point, but I have never seen it. He is helpful to others. He is just a truly good person.

This morning he has to go in for surgery. They are removing one of his kidneys. I am kind of stressed about it. Actually I am really stressed about it. I am stressed about a lot of things today. It's been a rough weekend.

It's always scary when someone you love goes in for surgery, especially if it's a major surgery. But I keep thinking he doesn't deserve this. I know it doesn't work that way. It's still hard not to think that though.

I know he will come through this ok. I have faith he will...but it doesn't stop me from worrying. How do you stop worrying?


Autumn Rose Crafts said...

praying for Jim...and you, take care Sarah x

Amanda said...

I hope all goes well. My cousin is on the transplant list after a virus attacked her internal organs, she counts herself lucky as at least she can have dialysis, she nearly died at the time. Jim sounds like a special person, sending good wishes and vibes.

Kelly said...

Thank you both so much! I just heard he is in recovery right now.

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